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Reinventing Nigeria’s Auto Industry: A Commercial, Legal & Regulatory Primer for Investors & Stakeholders

In the 1970s, during the oil boom, Nigerian government (Federal and States) partnered with foreign investors mainly from France (Peugeot), America (Ford), Germany (Volkswagen, Mercedes), and Britain (Leyland) - to establish six local auto plants. During this period, vehicle assembly companies were a distinct part of Nigerian business landscape: Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited (PAN), Kaduna; Volkswagen of Nigeria Limited (VON), Lagos; Anambra Motor Manufacturing Limited (ANAMMCO), Emene, Enugu; Steyr Nigeria Limited, Bauchi; National Truck Manufacturing (NTM) Kano; and Leyland Nigeria Limited (LNL), Ibadan. Most of these auto assembly plants subsequently shut down or significantly downscaled operations. The question is - what made the auto policy work in the '70s and how can the foundational challenges be addressed to woo investors?

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