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The Pursuit of Excellence: Maximising Your University Experience

Congratulations on your admission to University, Polytechnic or other tertiary institution! You may or might not have read the first of our 3- part series, ‘Yes, You Can: Ten Steps to Scaling JAMB (UTME) at First Attempt’, published in November 2015.

Yes, You Can is an effective study strategy primer that you will find useful even as an undergraduate; it also provides a good background for this current write-up. You may request your free hard copies from the same sources as this one; whilst soft copies are available at and at

Gaining admission (especially for your preferred course and to your preferred institution), confirms that you are a winner, an above average person: only about 10% of applicants (or less) manage to enter University every year. The success rate could even be reducing due to increasingly larger applicant pool vis a vis limited spaces, year-on- year. Having made the investment to get to University, you need to keep investing in your future by maximizing your tertiary education experience. You can “future-proof” yourself through these ten tips:

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