Advisory Services We leverage our multi disciplinary exposure in providing bespoke, qualitative services such as:...

Advisory Opinions

We provide advisory opinions on: (a) specific legal and business issues – contractual rights and enforcement, labour and employment, etc; (b) resolution of regulatory issues, compliance status assessment, licensing, renewals, etc.; and (c) response strategy businesses to regulatory developments or anticipated policy changes.

Sector Policy, Law and Regulatory Reviews

Following from our Principal’s experience on engagement teams in sector reform consultancies for international development/finance agencies (e.g. DFID/IFC/World Bank), government agencies such as the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE), and NESG, Nigeria’s leading private sector economic think tank, we are well poised to undertake investment mapping studies, research surveys, and sector reform readiness assessments.

Research and Presentations

We love research engagements, and can undertake specific legal, tax and regulatory framework research for our clients.

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