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Regulating Market Dominance in Nigeria: Issues Arising from the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Bill 2017

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Bill 2017 (“the Bill”), which was passed by the National Assembly (NA) in December 2017, seeks to cure certain defects and improve the regulatory framework whilst also repealing the Consumer Protection Act, Cap. C25, LFN 2004. However, the thirty day period specified by the 1999 Constitution for presidential assent has elapsed (the last day for assent was in January 2018. In effect, the Bill has by default been subjected to presidential veto; and the NA , if it intends to consummate the transmutation of the Bill into an Act, would have to override the veto by two-thirds majority votes of both Houses (section 58(5) 1999 Constitution). Incidentally, there is no time stipulation for the NA to override the presidential veto, so it is possible for the NA to eventually do so.

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