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Fallouts: Towards Optimal Management Contract Relationships in the Entertainment Industry

Whilst the entertainment industry comprises of individuals using their creative skills, abilities and contents for wealth and job creation; its management is running the affairs and careers of such individuals to ensure full optimisation of opportunities. The benefits of having a manager in any industry or organisation is indisputable: properly utilised, they help to run the day to day activities of the entity/individual, thus improving productivity. Imagine an artiste having to manage his own publicity, social media, calls, messages/email etc.; this will distract him from focussing on his 'real' job which is either making music, movies, writing, painting etc. From an opportunity cost of time point of view, such 'a jack of all trades' approach is inefficient. Having a manager also adds credibility to an artiste's career as they help bargain best deals, opportunities and give valuable advice on career decisions.

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