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Journeys: Current State Assessment of Nigerian Export Processing/Free Trade Zones Regime

Nigeria, in a bid to further improve her investment attractiveness propositions, formally joined the league of countries with export processing zone (EPZ) or free trade zone (FTZ) regimes in 1986, with the enactment of the Nigeria  ExportProcessingZonesAct(NEPZAct). WhilsttheNEPZAuthority (NEPZA), established by section 2 NEPZ Act was only inaugurated in 1992, it took another nine years after NEPZA's inauguration before the first EPZ in Calabar commenced operations in November 2001. In 1996, the Oil & Gas Export Free Zone Act 6 (OGEFZ Act) was enacted to cater for the oil and gas industry, with the OGEFZ Authority (OGEFZA) as the regulator whilst Onne/Ikpokiri in Rivers State was designated the inaugural OGEFZ.

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