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Legalities & Formalities - Filing Court Processes With Expired Seals: A Review Of Emechebe v. Ceto Int'l (nig) Ltd [2018] 11 Nwlr. (pt.1631), 520 Ca

The legal industry in Nigeria has suffered so many ills over the past years. One of the most inimical that continues to attract attention - especially when the culprits are found out - is the impersonation of lawyers by either dropouts from law faculties in Nigerian universities or those who attended the Nigerian Law School but for one reason or the other, were not called to the Bar. These persons masquerade as legal
practitioners, and render services to unsuspecting 'clients'; some have even appeared before superior courts of record. These unscrupulous acts had created a great dent on the integrity of the legal profession, with much potential for greater damage, if left unchecked.

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