About Us

We are a niche firm, passionately committed to helping our clients succeed in the market place and make positive, enduring impact in their communities. Our team has multi specialist and multidisciplinary background. Having worked with leading Nigerian and multinational professional services, we are uniquely positioned to understand our clients’ business industries as well as anticipate/craft solutions.

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Our Values
LeLaw. We are imbued by a deep sense of values. Values provide the compass and underpinning for all that we do: they exemplify our responsibility to our clients, our profession and community, and to ourselves. Our values are: “Clients First”, Empathy, Contribution, Integrity, Excellence and Stewardship.
  • “Clients First”: Without clients, we would not be in business. We therefore pay premium attention to our clients as a cherished part of our ecosystem. As a firm, we compete on the basis of quality and responsiveness of our services to clients; we will therefore go to any length (within legal bounds) to meet, nay exceed, our clients’ expectations. As part of our commitment, we leverage our structured and informal client feedback programmes to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of rendering positive client experience.
  • Empathy: We “walk in the shoes” of our clients. In receiving instructions, we connect with the “soul” of the issues to gain an insightful understanding critical to crafting customized, client-centric solutions. We never proffer advise without considering the ramifications of its implementation on our clients’ businesses and their long term strategic plans. We constantly ask ourselves: “what if we are the client?”.
  • Contribution: We are impelled by our desire to contribute, always adding value through our interventions to clients and counterparties. We creatively apply our expertise to the client’s situation. We push ourselves to identify, create or enhance value propositions for our clients. Our value add to clients must always significantly exceed our fees, otherwise we do not undertake such engagements.
  • Integrity: We work ethically and only with reputable clients and counterparties. Our zero tolerance for unethical conduct in our dealings helps to safeguard and indeed consolidate our clients’ reputations. We keep our word at all costs and believe that long term success can only be achieved through consistently doing the right things. We exercise daily character disciplines of focus, resilience, dedication and continuous learning. We endeavour to model the change we like to see happen in our society.
  • Excellence: We embrace excellence as a way of life; we pay attention to details. Our culture is of a learning organisation that will do whatever it takes for better delivery. We are willing to make sacrifices in the pursuit of excellence – to make what is regarded as best, to be better. We are thorough in our analysis and rigorous in execution – conscious that there is no alternative to living by a higher standard. We consider being called upon to provide answers to novel, complex or intellectually challenging questions a humbling experience in our journey of excellence.
  • Stewardship: This is the sum total of our responsibility to the firm and ourselves in nurturing, institutionalizing and growing the firm; passing its baton to the next generation of leaders/personnel in a stronger state than when we founded or joined, the firm. This value exemplifies our confidence that our people, working together for and with valued clients, can bequeath a forward looking, living institution of increasing relevance to future generations.
In summary, we live, work and are ruled by our values.
LeLaw Process
LeLaw Process is our proprietary methodology for providing services to our clients. It is also the fabric of our internal relationships – amongst our people and between them and the firm. Our interns and new hires are consciously immersed in the LeLaw Process upon engagement by the firm. LeLaw Process is the strategic tool that enables the firm’s deliverables, conduct and culture match the exceptional standards that we place on ourselves in order to earn, and retain trust/credibility with our clients.

LeLaw Process prescriptions underpins, amongst others, our:
  • Recruitment, professional development, motivation/retention and compensation of our personnel;
  • Client relationships – given that we measure our value by how we help clients achieve their results, constantly pushing ourselves to be in a position where clients can wholly rely on us – and professional alliances;
  • Risk management strategy, including brand and reputation management;
  • Social citizenship and community involvement;
  • Revisions and updates to the Process towards being in tune with evolving trends, whilst keeping its fundamental, values driven elements.
LeLaw. We are in tune with, and take our community responsibilities seriously.

Our initiatives include:
  • LeLaw personnel acting as speakers/resource persons/facilitators at local and foreign seminars, lectures, conferences and training programmes by academic and professional institutions.
  • Mentoring, counseling, facilitating informal training for young lawyers/new wigs motivational speaking and career counseling for adolescents through the LeLaw School Outreach programme.
  • Donating copies of authored book, Promoting Country Competitiveness Through Sectoral Reforms: Case Study of Nigerian Mobile Telecommunications Sector, 1996-2006 to libraries of some academic and professional institutions and reform advocacy groups, and to students and young lawyers.
  • Funding and involvement with the pro bono publication and distribution of copies of Yes You Can: Ten Steps To Scaling JAMB (UTME) At First Attempt (2015) and The Pursuit of Excellence: Maximising Your University Experience (2016). Free copies of the books are available online at : here and here respectively.
  • Our market leading internship programme, through which prospective interns could start their journey to partnership in the Firm.
  • Participation in public interest activities/sector reform advocacy initiatives, free legal counselling to citizens on episodic basis.
  • Knowledge sharing through publications (as columnist) in the print media, thought leadership pieces on diverse business landscape reform issues prestigious legal regulatory business journals and platforms, publications by professional bodies, etc.
  • Sponsorship of youth empowerment programmes and conferences; volunteering for NGOs focused on business education and entrepreneurial capacity development.
LeLaw. We are passionate about what we do.