Mindmanager vs imindmap

Ik zet ze hier op een rij. Online Mind Mapping by iMindMap. Mindjet's MindManager is one of the best known PC-based mind mapping software products and is renowned as a solid, professional piece of software. Voor mensen met de kleine beurs zijn de versies van Cayra en FreeMind de aanraders, en voor wie meer functionaliteiten zoekt zal meer plezier beleven aan bijvoorbeeld iMindMap, MindManager 7 of XMind和MindManager都有模板,也可调整风格,但XMind的模板更为漂亮实用。 七.展示. Whilst they may appear very similar on the surface, these two tools are visually different and carry their own distinctive functions. "Compare MindManager vs Xmind. Mindmapping is een zeer krachtige manier van aantekeningen maken die aansluit bij de manier waarop je hersenen werken. XMind支持展示功能,保持焦点在当前话题,可以调出侧边栏,支持录音、筛选等更多功能; MindManager也支持展示功能,保持焦点在当前话题,同时显示同级话题,大气简洁,逻辑性强。January 28th, 2019 by Rachel Pewsey. 200 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more. Welke apps zijn er zo al om te mindmappen?. Als jij nog aanvullingen hebt dan hoor ik het graag. Access your Mind Maps from anywhere in the world. Je krijgt meer overzicht, structuur en kan informatie beter onthouden. 5 / 5 "It is easy to use and provides a very useful tool to get started on a new Project. 二者都支持Win系统和Mac系统,但MindManager额外提供适合团队协作的企业版,XMind还支持Linux系统。 请点击输入图片描述. 功能比较. " "MindManager helps visualize complex workflows and tasks and offers a high-level view of a project and operational work. . Try it now for free. Create and share Mind Maps online. imindmap、Mindmanager、mindmapper、FreeMind、Sharemind、xmind、VYM、NovaMind、Mindv以及imindmate等等。 这还只是主流软件,其他一些小公司开发的就更加数不胜数了。我主要分析的就是imindmap、mindmanager、mindmapper和Xmind这四款。 我不敢说这四款是最好的,但最主流,使用人数目前是最多的,这应该没Ease of Use: 4. Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping are two terms often confused with one another. 在这一点上MindManager可谓是非常强大了,可以说几乎没有哪个同类软件的功能性能比得上MindManager。Tien apps voor mindmapping. It is one of the more expensive mind mapping packages but if you need software with good support and a long life then it generally has to be paid for

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